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Sensores de humedad del suelo
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MAX is an affordable, reliable solution to continuous soil moisture monitoring.

MaxSe pueden conectar diferentes tipos de sensores de la humedad del suelo, tipo EnviroPro con lecturas de la humedad del suelo, temperatura y salinidad, hasta 6 sensores.

  • MAX is solar-powered.

  • Measurements can be delivered to you online, at home, or collected by connecting a computer directly to the MAX using a supplied cabl

  • EnviroPro probes: up to 6 probes measuring soil moisture content, soil temperature & optional EC (as an indicator of salinity). Depending on the model of probe, measurements can be made at up to 8 depths from 10cm to 160cm below the ground surface.

  • Rain gauge: one gauge can be connected with any of the above sensors.

  • Bundled software (for Windows) is used to display data in graph and table form.


Input Channels; EnviroPro: 6 - Gypsum blocks: 8 - Rain gauge: 1

Reading Storage; 12 days (reading 6 EnviroPro probes at 8 depths per probe every 30mins)

Power Supply: 10 W Solar panel

Data Transfer; Wireless delivery to a desktop computer, the Internet, or by USB cable.

Soil Mosture Sensors
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