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Sensores de humedad del suelo
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GDot Soil Moisture Display

GDotGDot displays soil moisture tension, a measure of how hard it is for the plant to extract water from the soil. Seven yellow flip dots means it’s easy for the roots to access water. Falling yellow dots indicate that the plants are having to work harder. When only a few yellow dots remain, most horticultural crops are on their way to experiencing water stress, and that’s your cue to irrigate. It’s that simple.

  • Suitable for most horticultural crops

  • Low maintenance device.

  • Easy-to-read high contrast display.

The GDot can easily be read at a glance from up to 15 metres away. GDots are tough, scratch- and UV-resistant and their brilliant chilli-red base prevents them from disappearing into the background of the crop foliage.

The GDot costs little more than a tensiometer with none of the maintenance issues.

The GDot can be installed in minutes with the most unsophisticated equipment. Auger a hole, bury the sensor in the active root zone and hang the GDot from a wire, screw it to a post or mount it on a length of 33mm pipe.

The standard 1.5m cable can be extended so you can fix your GDot to the end of a crop row, outside a fence line or at the edge of a centre-pivot crop, up to 100 metres from the sensor.


The GDot can be used in horticulture, vines, vegetables, tree and cereal crops. It can be used under drip, centre pivot, lateral and surface irrigation.


    Sensor type; Granular matrix gypsum block

    Measurement Range; <10 to 100 kPa

    Output Signal; 7 high-contrast flip-dots

    Dimensions (mm); 200 * 90 * 50

GDot GDot

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