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Sensores de humedad del suelo
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Moisture, Temperature, Salinity

EnviroProEnviroPro probes provide reliable soil moisture measurements in all soil types. Multiple sensors per probe at 10cm spacings measure moisture, temperature and salinity profiles

  • Maintenance-free instrument.

  • 5 year warranty.

EnviroPro probes are available in a range of lengths from 40 to 160cm, configured as 4 sensors, 8 sensors, 12 sensors, and 16 sensors. Soil moisture, temperature and salinity are available at every sensor depth.

The internal electronics are fully protected against moisture and chemicals, making the probes reliable, consistent and very stable. The EnviroPro has a 5 year warranty.

Each probe is supplied with 5m of cable. Designed to be completely buried, the EnviroPro is ‘out of the way’ when slashing, spraying and harvesting.

EnviroPro probes have a serial data (SDI-12) output and require a suitable data logger for storage of data.


    Rango de medidas; Moisture; 0 to 60 % Temperature; - 10 ºC to + 60 ºC

    Available lengths; 40 cm, 80 cm, 120 cm, 160 cm

    EC; 0 to 4 dS/m

Soil Mosture Sensors
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